Struggle forced state govt to withdraw power hike

TRIVANDRUM, India – Widespread protests forced the Kerala state government to cancel steep power rate increases last month. It was the second time the government was forced to back down on increased meter charges and imposed line rent on consumers. The hefty increase in tariff ranged between 40 and 140 percent.

Elections in Germany

BERLIN – The old question is “Who’s on first?” Or rather, who slid in first in the German elections? To hear some of the media, it was the left.

Struggle for peace in the Mideast continues

News Analysis TEL AVIV – The latest acts of state terror against the Palestinian people and their elected leadership last weekend have awakened a fury of mass protests by Palestinians and have met sharp criticism and protest actions in Israel and around the world.

Its hurricane season for workers

In our states and cities, we are caught between a drenching rain and a freezing wind. We are getting soaked by the layoffs, lower wages and vanished pensions brought on by the recession and the burst bubble of corporate corruption. And as our need for help increases, we are frozen out by the chill wind of state budgets: Medicaid and libraries, schools and parks, child care and public transit are cut. Tuition at state universities is being hiked, along with taxes paid by working people.

Homecare workers win recognition

Commentary The PWW/Mundo is publishing an ongoing series about organizing the unorganized and welcome submissions, which can be sent to

Commemorating the life of Victor Jara

Review Victor – An Unfinished Song, by Joan Jara

Stop Bushs Blitzkrieg towards Iraq war

News Analysis In his United Nations speech on Sept. 12, President Bush replaced Osama bin Laden with Saddam Hussein as the nation’s primary enemy and set the stage to win world support for U.S. intervention in Iraq. But his speech was also about removing exposure of corporate crimes against working people and the economy and about the failed campaign to defeat Al Qaeda from the front pages – all, as Senator Tom Daschle (D-S.D.) said, “curiously timed to coincide with the fall re-election campaign.”


The 2002 elections: Dump Bush, not bombs

News Analysis The stakes in the 2002 elections couldn’t be higher – nor the outcome less certain, with 47 seats in the House and nine in the Senate seen as “toss-ups.” But we’ve learned one thing: Beware the racist politics of division and “wolves in sheep’s clothing” as Nov. 5 approaches.

Attorney General Ashcroft a foe of womens rights

The following are excerpts from the statement of National Organization for Women (NOW) President Kim Gandy at the Sept. 13 “March to Justice” Rally at the U.S. Department of Justice.

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