Hugo Châvez had a lot to say

Way too much is being made of Hugo Chávez calling Bush the “devil” in his recent United Nations speech. Unfortunately, it’s being used to divert attention from the very substantive and profoundly courageous things that the president of Venezuela said during his trip to New York.

EDITORIAL: Déj vu all over again

Claims about a secret nuclear weapons program. A campaign to involve the UN. Rejecting negotiations. Spreading false “information.” Sound like the months before the Iraq war? For Iraq, read Iran

Arms control takes center stage at UN meeting

UNITED NATIONS — Convening under the theme of “Unfinished business: effective partnerships for human security and sustainable development,” the 59th annual UN Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations met here Sept. 6-8.


Religious leaders arrested in protest of Iraq war

WASHINGTON — As President George W. Bush fended off new charges that the war in Iraq has recruited more terrorists and spread terrorism, scores of religious leaders were arrested on Capitol Hill during sit-ins demanding that lawmakers join in a “Declaration of Peace” to end the war


Ready for court-martial, but not return to war

FORT IRWIN, Calif. — Accompanied by his wife and peace movement supporters, Army Specialist Agustín Aguayo surrendered voluntarily to military police at Fort Irwin Army Base in California’s Mojave Desert, Sept. 26, declaring himself ready for court-martial and jail time but not more duty in Iraq.

Bush fears war crimes prosecution, impeachment

With great fanfare, George W. Bush announced that he had finally decided to send Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and 13 other alleged terrorists to Guantanamo Bay, where they will be tried in military commissions. After nearly five years of interrogating these men, why did Bush choose this moment to bring them to “justice”?

9/11 families reject Bush war plea

WASHINGTON — Family members who lost loved ones in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack rejected President George W. Bush’s attempt to use the fifth anniversary of the tragedy to rally support for his Iraq war.

Putting our grief to work for peace

Violence will only beget violence. I say that with an awakened heart born out of mourning and not even as a pacifist but a realist. The cycles of violence must be broken.

EDITORIAL: Sept. 11th 5 years later

Most Americans remember where they were when airplanes slammed into New York’s World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Most remember the alarm, anger and sadness they felt when they realized that this was a massive terrorist attack that would change the course of human events.

Bush fear campaign called shameful as Democrats demand troop pullout starting this year

“Cheap spin, fear-mongering and deliberate mischaracterization of his critics.” “Shameful tactic.” “Close to delusional.” These were editorial reactions of newspapers across the “heartland” last week as President Bush and other administration officials launched a political offensive.

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