For equality, justice and self-determination

Statement was made by Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque at the 62nd Session of the UN General Assembly on Sept. 26 in New York City.

The Madhesi issue in Nepal: danger of civil war?

Nepal is a small South Asian Himalayan country of about 28 million people. With the restoration of democracy (known as spring awakening) in 1990 and the dramatic protests in 2006 that caused King Gyanendra to relinquish power, Nepal has come out of its cocoon and has drawn the attention of the world.

Jena 6 teen released on $45,000 bail

AP — A black teenager whose prosecution in the beating of a white classmate prompted a massive civil rights protest here walked out of a courthouse Thursday after a judge ordered him freed.

Philadelphia workers fight for union rights

PHILADELPHIA — The City of Brotherly Love witnessed two rallies Sept. 5 that highlighted the challenges workers face when trying to organize in today’s apparently complex, but in fact brutally simple, anti-union environment.

Unusual coalition wins judgeship nod in N.Y.

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — This is not a big election year here, but on Sept.18 there were primaries for two state district judgeships and for the much more important County Surrogate judgeship. Usually the Brooklyn Democratic machine, which has been notoriously corrupt for decades, picks the Surrogate candidate and there is no contest.

Always Jewish, lately Palestinian

A POEM: Always Jewish, lately Palestinian


A Canadian Reds great restlessness

Faith Johnston’s “A Great Restlessness: the Life and Politics of Dorise Nielsen” is an absorbing political biography of one of Canada’s long-forgotten Communists who fought for the rights of women and children and played a role in shaping Canada’s postwar social legislation.

Bolivian adversaries step back from brink

The current struggle between Bolivia’s newly empowered indigenous people and poor against the country’s old, ousted power brokers seemed headed for an impasse when the two sides took a breather.

Psychologists equivocate on torture

I am a psychologist and I’m mad as hell about the recent decision by the American Psychological Association (APA) to continue to let psychologists collaborate with the CIA and the military in their torture of detainees at Guantanamo and other U.S. facilities.

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