Calif. health care reform goes to special session

The debate over statewide health care reform continued in California’s Legislature this week, at the same time the nation’s first city health care program, “Healthy San Francisco,” took another step toward implementation.


Singer Luci Murphy receives Robeson Award

WASHINGTON — A standing-room crowd packed Wesley United Methodist Church Sept. 8 to pay tribute to singer Luci Murphy. It was an evening that resounded with songs, poetry, dance and a few pithy speeches honoring this people’s artist.

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Memorial celebration set for Laura Ross

BOSTON — A memorial celebration will be held here Sept. 29 to honor longtime Boston area peace and justice activist Laura Ross, who died Aug. 6.

Protest to demand release of Colombian rebel

WASHINGTON — The Bush administration is turning justice on its head with the trials of Colombian revolutionary Ricardo Palmera, charges a U.S. group dedicated to his release. The National Committee to Free Ricardo Palmera has called for a protest at the federal court building here on Sept. 17 to demand Palmera’s immediate release.

Judge temporarily halts no-match letters

A federal judge for the 9th District in Los Angeles has issued a temporary injunction until Oct. 10 to stop the issuance by the Social Security Administration of a revised “no-match” letter that many feared would create massive economic disruption and injustice under the pretext of catching undocumented immigrants and their employers.


Taking religion seriously

Religion figures heavily in today’s politics. Every day, fundamentalist Jews murder Palestinians, fundamentalist Muslims murder other Muslims, and fundamentalist Christians help provide a cover for the most ruthless empire in history. How can it be that each of them has “God on their side?”


Powerful play about a dark time

One of my earliest memories is peering out our apartment window as my mother pointed to a car parked outside. “That’s the FBI,” she said. Another memory is sitting on my mother’s lap, talking to my father on a phone through a thick glass pane. It was the Men’s House of Detention in lower Manhattan. Also “residing” there at that time were Julius Rosenberg, three years away from the electric chair, and Eugene Dennis, general secretary of the Communist Party.

Ask the Communists: What do you think about the relationship between communism and democracy?

What do you think about the relationship between communism and democracy? Why do Communists believe the government should regulate everything while democracy gives people the option to do as they wish?

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