Michael Hanusiak, activist and journalist, 93

Michael Hanusiak, a lifelong activist and leader in the Ukrainian progressive community, died on Oct. 11, 2006. He was 93.


Legend of El Santo lives on

MEXICO CITY — A white statue of a masked, muscular figure gleams under the hot sun as a river of motor vehicles flows by. The statue was erected in 1985 near the city’s infamous Tepito market to honor Mexico’s most celebrated wrestler/Lucha Libre film action star, El Santo (the Saint), also know as El Enmascarado de Plata (the Silver Mask).


Myths, lies and books about immigration

Activists and the general public will be glad to hear that there are two new book-length resources to refute the anti-immigrant slander campaign. “The Politics of Immigration: Questions and Answers,” by Jane Guskin and David L. Wilson, and “‘They Take Our Jobs’ and 20 Other Myths About Immigration,” by Aviva Chomsky, are essential reading.

U.S. hypocrisy on terrorism

When it comes to the U.S. war on terrorism, hypocrisy is rampant, especially in regard to Cuba. Contradictions surface too when the U.S. approach to spying is seen from the angle of Cuba. These recurring themes, highlighted in recent news reports, suggest serious misbehavior.


CARTOON: I repeat

Public betrayal: AMAs health care proposal

In lockstep with its 1960s opposition to Medicare, the American Medical Association continues to promote health insurance profits over affordable, quality health care for all. In late August, the AMA released a plan, “Voice for the Uninsured,” detailing its agenda to reduce the number of uninsured people in the United States.


ADAPT confronts nursing home segregation

CHICAGO — A long line of disability rights activists marched and wheeled through the streets here Sept. 9-11 chanting, “Our homes, not nursing homes, to protest the inadequate funding for affordable housing and unnecessary segregation into institutions.


South Africa: Cosatu challenges ANC leaders U.K.: Unions defy prime minister, plan strikes Iraq: BBC details Iraqi views on ‘surge’ Venezuela: Labor federation endorses socialist party India: Left parties protest naval exercises

Chile, Venezuela mark other Sept. 11

Observances in Venezuela and Chile memorializing the death, 34 years ago, of Chile’s democratically elected socialist president, Salvador Allende, diverged widely.

Facing impasse and scandals, Japans premier resigns

After his conservative Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) suffered a crushing defeat in elections to Parliament’s upper house in late July, and after vowing to tough it out, Japanese Prime Minster Shinzo Abe stunned the nation Sept. 12 by abruptly announcing his resignation.

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