World notes: Sept. 13, 2008

Cuba: No one died with Gustav Haiti: U.S. bullies the down-and-out Spain: Gov’t to ease abortion laws Pakistan: U.S. troops invade Cyprus: New talks for reunification

Cuba devastated by Ike, but Cubans show grit

HAVANA – (Sept. 10) Cuba has been, and continues to be, devastated by Hurricane Ike.

U.S. communists urge solidarity with people of Caribbean

The Communist Party USA notes with alarm the heavy loss of life and massive property and economic damage inflicted by three powerful hurricanes in succession – Gustav, Hanna and now Ike – on all the nations of the Caribbean, including Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Cuba.

Cuba: in the eye of Ike

HAVANA -- All day we've been increasingly getting the 'hurricane sky.” That's when the sky gets full of darkening clouds that appear as if you're looking at the bottom of a huge drum top, and they move in an immense counterclockwise circle. We've also been getting increasingly stronger wind gusts although nothing really serious yet. And it's started to rain more stop start stop start but with the feeling that it'll eventually not stop until Ike passes north of Cuba.

No one died! Cuba and hurricane solidarity

The most destructive hurricane in 50 years hit western Cuba Aug. 30 with gusts up to 212 mph — the strongest ever recorded during any hurricane anywhere, according to head meteorologist Jose Rubiera.

Cuba: Weathering the storms, from Gustav to Ike

A little report on the TV just updated the situation in Guantanamo. The entire province is without electricity. Cuba has a policy of turning off electricity and gas, as a preventive measure to prevent short circuits and even fires in walls, once sustained winds reach 60 kph.

Colombia scapegoats left opposition

Peace in Colombia, seen as humanitarian exchanges of prisoners and negotiations with guerrilla insurgents, took a hit recently with the government revving up a smear campaign against leftists. With approval ratings allegedly approaching 91 percent, President Alvaro Uribe is preparing for a second unconstitutional reelection bid.

Afghanistan: Protests grow over civilian deaths

New protests erupted in Afghanistan this week as the number of civilians dying during U.S. and NATO attacks on insurgents continues to soar.

World Notes: September 6

Gaza: Aid, solidarity arrive by sea Switzerland: Inequities kill India: Children die in drug trials Honduras: Joins ALBA, defying Washington Canada: Big gains for union women Cuba: Social security changes

Washington's echo in Iran

As Iran struggles to win the confidence of the West to head off a military attack, the ordinary people of the country struggle daily with rising prices and growing unemployment.

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