Making a nuclear-free world

Concrete steps are needed to remove the nuclear threat.


Out of Afghanistan

The time has come to set a timetable for bringing our troops home.


Reforming CEO compensation — how much is enough?

A big debate is underway about what should be done about high risk corporate behavior.

Reclaiming a lost decade

The AFL-CIO’s recent report entitled “Young Workers: A Lost Decade” documents in no uncertain terms that young workers (defined as those 35 and under) are having more trouble than ever getting ahead financially.


In spite of opposition from a growing majority of Americans, the bureaucratic, diplomatic, military juggernaut known as the “mission in Afghanistan” is bound to be serviced with fresh troops and lots of new money. The only debate among Washington elites is over just how large this escalation will be.


Memo for the G20

As you, the leaders of the G20, the world's "wealthy" nations, gather in Pittsburgh, some of you still debate whether to call the world economic crisis a "recession" or a "depression," and, whatever it is, whether it is ending.



Morality is the key issue in the health reform battle

"Should a homeless woman or a garbage man receive the same level of health care as a corporate CEO?"

Forget about "socialized medicine." Forget about "government takeover." Forget about "death panels." This is the one big question health care reform advocates need to address before we can hope to see major change in this country.



I visit Wall Street and get Obama’s speech

Obama's main points:

1. The rescue of the financial system was necessary.

I agree with him. Wall Street and Main Street are closely linked. Now, the government's public stake in some huge bailed out banks gives it the right and responsibility to — at the minimum — curb excessive risk, especially in non-productive investment.


UE and the Cold War

The struggles and the conditions of electrical workers through the Cold War years of the late 1940s and the 1950a are examined in depth in “Generation of Resistance” by John Bennett (Ben) Sears.


Union was in her soul

Crystal Lee Sutton, the North Carolina textile worker played by Sally Fields in the 1975 movie "Norma Rae," has died of cancer. Many have pointed to her death as another tragic example of the impact of profit-driven health insurance – which in this case delayed payment so long that the treatment she needed was ineffective.

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