Public option in better position after Senate vote, backers say

After Senate Finance Committee vote, the fight for a public option has entered a new stage.


Astronaut: World has no borders, pass immigration reform

The time has come for immigration reform says astronaut.

Liu wins NYC comptroller race

The first Asian American is elected to become comptroller of New York City.

Right fails to stop jobless benefits extension

The House votes to extend unemployment compensation.


San Francisco hotel workers take to the streets

Hotel workers hold a militant and spirited march in San Francisco.

Hometown to Glenn Beck: This is a hate-free zone

Glenn Beck's hometown unites against hate.


Swine flu: word of the day is ‘caution’

A retired nurse talks about what to do about the flu.


Chicagoans hope Obama Olympic bid will benefit workers

As President Obama departs for a last minute lobbying effort to bring the Olympics to Chicago, labor and community groups want to insure the money goes where it's needed most.




ACORN files lawsuit against video con artists

ACORN fights smear campaign in courts and Congress. "Why no accountability for Halliburton and Blackwater?"the group asks.


Univ. of California community protests cutbacks

A statewide protest is rocking the California university system.

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