1300 march for justice and jobs in Rockford, Ill.

ROCKFORD, IL – Over 1,300 community residents in Rockford Ill. marched over the weekend for jobs, education and justice in response to the police killing of Mark Anthony Barmore. Barmore was was slain on August 24 in this economically hard hit city.

House vote on Rep. Wilson’s outburst a wake-up call

House Democrats plan to vote on a resolution today that will formally reprimand Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., for his lack of tolerance when he shouted “You lie,” during President Barack Obama’s prime-time health care address last week to Congress, which was broadcast live on national television.


Michael Moore's 'Capitalism' is labor of love for working America

On the year anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers, filmmaker and slacker hero Michael Moore gave a gift to working America: an explanation of what happened.

In short: capitalism happened.

Coalition Maps 'Jobs for All' Conference in NYC Nov. 13-14

With the nation’s official jobless rate 9.7 percent and expected to surge higher than 10 percent, calls are growing for President Obama and Congress to create a federal jobs program to create millions of green, living-wage jobs.

CNN's Lou Dobbs in bed with hate group

Hate-based, anti-immigrant propaganda has poisoned not only the health care debate but is also distorting the public discussion about immigration reform, charged a group of civil rights, immigration reform advocacy and media watchdog organizations this week.

US distributors boycott "Creation," movie on Charles Darwin

A new British film following the life of evolutionary theorist Charles Darwin called “Creation” has stirred up controversy because producer Jeremy Thomas has not been able to secure a U.S. distributor.


A wind farm in Pa. fuels green-collar union jobs

EBENSBURG, Pa. -- As the G-20 Summit prepares to open in Pittsburgh Sept. 24 to deal with global capitalism's severe economic crisis, labor journalists from the International Labor Communicators Association visited some 15 area work sites to investigate the economic conditions for working people here in western Pennsylvania.


Hundreds protest Philadelphia Army Experience Center

PHILADELPHIA -- Carrying banners and chanting “Shut it down!” and “War is not a game!” close to 300 demonstrators marched into the Franklin Mills Mall here to protest the continued operation of the Army Experience Center. Most of the demonstrators had gathered outside the mall and marched in past a line up of mall security guards and Philadelphia police.

President Obama details health reform principles

On the heels of President Obama's speech to Congress on health reform this week, White House Domestic Policy Council Director Melody Barnes stated that the administration has learned some important lessons about that issue coming out of the August congressional recess.

Virginia governor’s race key for labor

Labor and the working class have a big stake in the election for governor of Virginia this November.

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