Philly to CIGNA, Congress: “Health care now!”

PHILADELPHIA — Arlene Holt Baker, executive vice president of the AFL-CIO, speaking to a dense crowd of over 800 gathered on the north side of City Hall here, placed the importance of the health care struggle in its broader context.


Californians to top insurer: Stop denying our care!

 SAN FRANCISCO - "Big Insurance: Stop denying our care! Public option Now!" and "Big Insurance: Sick of it!" read the signs, as hundreds of protesters jammed into the small sidewalk space in front of Wellpoint/Anthem Blue Cross' office Sept. 22. They were demanding Wellpoint stop opposing health care reform including the public option and stop denying medically necessary care including for pre-existing conditions.


Health care rallies: 'Big Insurance Makes Me Sick!'

OWINGS MILLS, MD.--Fighters for health care reform holding placards with slogans like “People Before Profit” and “Public Option Now” rallied outside health insurance company offices Sept. 22 to demand that Congress stop kowtowing to insurance profiteers and enact comprehensive health care reform.


Health insurance premiums grow faster than wages

While wage growth, impacted by inflation, has eroded steadily over the past decade, the cost of a typical health insurance plan has grown as much as 150 percent, a new report put out by the Obama administration revealed this week. In 2008, for example, prices of consumer goods fell by .7 percent, while insurance premiums dug deep into take home pay by growing 5.5 percent.


Flood victims hail $35 billion water main bill

DUNDALK, Md. — Stirred to action by the rupture of a 72-inch water-main that inflicted devastation on working-class communities here last weekend, Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Md., introduced the Water Infrastructure Financing Act in the U.S. Senate Sept. 23, to provide $35 billion to begin repairing crumbling water mains across the nation.


Don’t deny Latinos health care, La Raza leaders say

Latino civil rights leaders are calling for special measures to insure their communities are not left out of health care reform efforts.



Rally slams Wellpoint for ‘indefensible’ health care role

ST. LOUIS – “We all know people without health care. These aren’t just statistics. These are people, our neighbors, our friends, our families,” Pastor Mary Albert told over 300 health care reform activists here as they rallied outside Wellpoint, Inc., Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield offices Sept. 22.

Albert said Wellpoint Inc. has “spent billions to disseminate misinformation and fear designed to confuse and distract” ordinary citizens regarding health care reform.


Anger rises towards Big Insurance

CHICAGO — “We’re going to win health care reform in this country. And we’re not going to let giant insurance companies get in the way,” said reform advocate John Gaudette at a midday rally here Sep. 22.


CIGNA greed makes health care system sick

CHICAGO – “Help! Help!” shrieked a young woman to passersby. “Uncle Sam is so sick!” The terrified woman stood over the prone body of Uncle Sam as she sought the attention of pedestrians beneath the cold hulking glass and steel offices of CIGNA Insurance Company.


American public behind climate change bill

While a strong majority of American voters continue to support climate change legislation which would control pollution that causes global warming and would create a new generation of "green jobs," much of corporate America and its right-wing congressional allies are digging in their heels to block it.

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