NRA fights for right to torture pigeons

The same psychopaths who probably twirled cats by their tails believe banning animal cruelty would lead to banning guns.


Cuba blockade is 50-year bad policy

Unfortunately, some in U.S. corporate and foreign policy circles still consider Cuba and the rest of Latin America "our backyard."


Overturning child labor laws: top priority for GOP

Republican operatives recently opened up a new front: rolling back child labor laws.


Republican rejection of science threatens humanity

While scientists around the world are coming to a growing consensus concurring on the reality of global warming, Americans are being polarized along political lines.


Five steps to get ready for 2012

Politics is a complex and impure process, and as the Rolling Stones sang, "You can't always get what you want." Here are five crucial steps to get what we need.


Earth Day turns 41, now what?

Earth Day is usually accompanied by two divergent approaches: One is the nice, feel-good style of school observances; the other is vaguely or explicitly apocalyptic.


GOP budget would shift the country sharply to the right

President Obama got it right when he said the Republican Party's goal is about "changing the basic social compact in America." Politics, however, does not begin at the top.


A little poem ponders "birthers"

Who Knows? Take the tea party ranters: instead of reasoning, they shout. Perhaps they're from outer space; they certainly are spaced out.


Happy Easter: a new world is coming

The real message of Easter speaks powerfully to everyone, whatever their religious belief or unbelief.


“My Perestroika”: Russians cope with capitalism in fascinating documentary

Few films released in the West have shown how the transition from socialism has affected Russians and other Eastern Europeans.

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