Greed endangers blood supply say American Red Cross workers

ARC is attempting to make unilateral changes to employee health insurance that mean deductibles and co-pays could raise costs many thousands a year.


Labor movement celebrates Saundra Williams

"An outstanding and phenomenal woman," noted Metro Detroit Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW) President Millie Hall about Metro Detroit AFL-CIO President Saundra Williams.


Court ditches parts of Wisconsin’s anti-worker law

Late Friday afternoon a federal judge here struck down two parts of GOP Gov. Scott Walker's 2011 anti-worker law that killed collective bargaining rights for workers.


Unions take aim at discrimination against Latinas

"For Latinas, the pathway to social and economic advancement is lined with hurdles," says the 134-page Trabajadoras: Challenges and Conditions of Latina Workers in the United States.


Tesoro forces steelworker confrontation

The Tesoro Company is forcing its Steelworkers members at its six U.S. refineries into a confrontation.

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