Eighteenth Democratic lawmaker quits ALEC

"The dominoes continue to fall," said James Ploeser, Pennsylvania's state organizing director for the Progressive Change Committee.


Grijalva, immigrant rights leaders discuss Supreme Court hearing

A vicious backhand to undocumented people, Arizona's SB1070 is a law that allows local police to detain and arrest anyone.

San Jose council candidate goes to bat for workers' pensions

SAN JOSE, Calif. - The June 5 election here is about pensions and who will pay for financial meltdown, workers or those who caused it.

Walker makes Wisconsin first in job loss

"Voters are certainly going to keep this in mind when they vote this spring in the recall elections," said Phil Neuenfeldt.


Working families oust Altmire in primary

The national media missed the exciting shot heard in every corporate boardroom in America fired by Western Pennsylvania working families.


Protesters demand GE pay its taxes

Chanting "GE, pay your taxes," several thousand rallied in downtown Detroit this morning, the site of the GE annual shareholders meeting.

Workers the real victors in Tuesday primary

The workers of Western Pennsylvania fired a shot heard in every corporate boardroom in America.


Obama pushes for lower student loan rates

President Barack Obama is on the road again, this time to warn students about a pending interest rate hike on college loans if Congress doesn't act.


Seniors rally for fairness and dignity

"The fight for Social Security and Medicare is part of a larger fight for justice and fairness."


Protesters to Wells Fargo: Make mortgages affordable!

Though they didn't shut the meeting down, their shouts and chants wafted all the way up to the 15th floor meeting room.

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