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  • Chicagoans demand housing, justice

    Chicagoans demand housing, justice

    March 1, 2002 By Fred Gaboury

    CHICAGO – A coalition of neighborhood groups, civil rights, tenant and religious organizations has developed their own State of the City analysis demanding that the city council address problems ranging from lack of affordable housing to...

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  • A Congressmans prayer for America

    A Congressmans prayer for America

    March 1, 2002

    The following is from a speech delivered by Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) at the University of Southern California the weekend of Feb. 23. I offer these brief remarks as a prayer for our country, with love...

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  • WTC steel to India

    WTC steel to India

    March 1, 2002

    At least 30,000 tons of scrap from the World Trade Center wreckage has been exported to India. Concerns over the potential contamination of the steel scrap has alarmed trade union and environmental groups in India and...

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  • U.S. may beef up security role in Afghanistan

    U.S. may beef up security role in Afghanistan

    March 1, 2002 By Evelina Alarcon

    In both word and deed, the Bush administration indicated this week that it is escalating its military role in Afghanistan amid signs that increased clashes among competing warlords and challenges by rival militias to the U.S-installed...

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  • U.S. expanding war to Philippines

    U.S. expanding war to Philippines

    March 1, 2002

    Last week another contingent of the expected 660 U.S. soldiers arrived in the Philippines. Their arrival was greeted by an explosion that killed five Filipino civilians. Being called “the biggest expansion of Washington’s war” since the...

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