Addison, Ill., Teamsters strike enters 8th week

Workers from Teamsters Local 705 have been on strike for eight weeks against Pain Enterprises in Addison, Ill.  They decided to strike because the company threatened to reduce their health benefits, eliminate their pension, and cut twages drastically.

Pain Enterprises is a company that has been making dry ice products for over 50 years. While the workers are striking, Pain has been using scab truck drivers to deliver their products. Local 705 decided to use a bold tactic in which they would follow the trucks and picket outside of each of the delivery destinations.

Solidarity has come from different unions such as SEIU and Teamsters Local 743 whose members went through a similar struggle earlier in the year with SK Tools, as well as other rank-and-file Local 705 members from different companies.

Photo: / CC BY-SA 2.0