An appeal from Arizona

Things are truly the worst here in Arizona. I was born and raised in this beautiful state. It’s been a challenge but it’s not been insane – til now.

Here in Tucson, Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz., had to close his offices yesterday to protect his staff from serious death threats. But he was out this morning in front of an audience of hundreds, calling for optimism in this struggle for basic human rights and decency that includes all of us in Arizona and the USA against the country’s most evil anti-immigrant, racist, and unconstitutional bill (SB 1070). We are tired of being the laughing stock of the U.S., we are tired of being threatened, we are more than tired, WE ARE REALLY PISSED OFF. And we want the rest of you to also be pissed off. One reason our legislature and governor think they can get away with this crap is that no one else in the country is paying attention or cares.

So we can use some loud voices in support of the national economic boycott of Arizona called by Raul Grijalva. Already the American Immigration Lawyers Association has dropped plans to hold their convention here. If you know of any other organizations who are planning events here, if you know people who are planning vacations (the Grand Canyon is fabulous but stay away until it is safe to come), moving a business, buying anything from us (especially citrus and other agricultural items), tell them to stop. We are fighting against our own apartheid, our own flirtation with ethnic cleansing.

Economic sanctions are appropriate. We listened when our brothers and sisters in South Africa called on the people of the world for economic sanctions because they knew that theirs was a greater goal; a little suffering and struggle would yield justice and freedom. We sustained an economic boycott here in Arizona when an earlier racist governor of the state of Arizona cancelled our Martin Luther King Day; we won that struggle when the folks organizing the Super Bowl said they would never hold an event here in Arizona until there was a reversal. And we can win again.

We need to know you have our back. We have more crazies that we deserve in Arizona at the moment. We need your support and we need an organized call from every state for real, honest, humane, and just Immigration Reform.

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  • “This is not even about immigration, because it will do nothing to stop people from coming here. ”

    It’s not meant to stop people from coming, moron. It’s meant to crack down on those already here illegally.

  • I show my damned ID any time I’m stopped by a cop. Get the hell over it people. The law only allows them to check you if you’re already stopped//under investigation for something else.

  • If you are here from another country – federal law says that you need to carry your papers. What other country would allow you to enter without them – not even Mexico!

  • The American people standing up for Americans, is long overdue!

    All the bill does, is make being illegal – illegal!

    I have to show my ID to cops, at the airport, at the grocery store, so get over it!

    Go to Mexico illegally and see how fairly they treat you.

  • We must not only boycott the state of Arizona, we must shame the racist sleaze behind this draconian law! A delegation of Arizona Latinos should go and speak before the United Nations and let the entire world know exactly what is occurring in Arizona!

    Sister Carolyn WE HEAR YOU & WE WILL JOIN THE RESISTANCE! No human being should he subjected to such blatantly fascist/racist laws!

    The real criminals are the demons in the Pentagon and Wall Street! The corporate parasites have destroyed our economy, our schools, our jobs, and they have the audacity to blame the undocumented immigrants?

    How about we block the main highways entering Arizona from the west, the east, the south and the north? Thousands upon thousands of us, of all races and ethnic pursuasions locking arms, sitting down on the highways! ABAJO CON EL FASCISMO y EL RACISMO!

  • I too was born, raised, and have lived all my life in Tucson, Arizona. I too am completely appalled by the racisma and xenophobia flowing from the legislature. It is beyond disappointing to me that a state in the 21st century would write, pass, and sign such a radical, right-wing, fascist bill. This is not even about immigration, because it will do nothing to stop people from coming here. This is about the beginnings of ethnic cleansing. They want the labor, culture, traditions, food, and production of mexicanos/latinos/chicanos, but they don’t want the people. I agree with you that a boycott is necessary, but of certain targeted businesses, such as the arizona diamondbacks, that support and finance the racist policies of the repuglican party. Boycotting latino businesses or immigrant friendly businesses will only hurt the people that you are trying to help.

  • Maybe we should stop all the crap, annex Mexico and be done with it.

    With more people being killed in Mexico in the last year than in our two undeclared wars in Iraq and Afghanistan maybe we should pull our troops out of the OIL rich Middle East and rebuild Mexico and the U.S.

    I am sure the Billions being transferred into the pockets of the Arabs,Washington Elites and their benefactors could be better used in creating meaningful jobs in the U.S. and Mexico.

  • Thanks to the brave activists in Arizona for taking this on and not backing away. It’s tough to call for a boycott of your own state, but the example of South Africa is apt.

  • You have all of our support – this law will not be tolerated. Peace and love – and strength – from a fellow citizen in Texas.

  • I’m personally deeply troubled by the Immigration Law SB1070. Watch out now! The Great Source made us brown who happened to transfer our roots here in Arizona.
    Most of us look like either Indonesian, Chinese, Korean, Mexican, Latino and the like. From now on, we have to start bringing with us not only our driver’s license but also our immigrant card wherever we are. It’s a fct, that when we are in the streets and when seen by the police acting weirdo…and by “reasonable suspicion” will come and approach you and I and be interrogated of our citizenship status. I call this immigration law inhuman to minorities. This is the immigration of the haves against the have nots. We perhaps forget that we are all alien on this earth. We are but transient living beings. The power is now going to the police and we are losing the people’s power. We are perhaps forgetting that this U.S. government is for the people, of the people, and by the people in this so called democratic country. Let’s wake up, tame our minds and let “Tolerance” prevail and make Arizona a beautiful haven for commerce and industry. May we always remember the Golden Rule, “Do not do unto others what you don’t want others do to you.” May we turn around and repel SB1070 to promote Generosity instead of Greed; promote Compassion instead of Anger; and promote Wisdom instead of Ignorance. Where are we going Arizona? Who are we as a State? What is the purpose of our existence here in Arizona? We are the world…Look at the disappointments of the soil we step on, the water we love to drink…they are sad and exhausted. Let’s promote peace and brotherhood. It’s about time. Let’s be the State leader leader of hope!

  • I care and I am paying attention. Finally someone is doing something about the massive influx of illegals who usurp the system, drain our resources and bring narco trafficking to new levels and you have the audacity to cry out that it is racist. Yes, racist, the last cry of an indefensible position.
    How dare you! I for one will support law enforcement and the governors decision in any way I can.


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