Cuba Caravanistas Do Dallas

DALLAS, TX – We are one of the cities where routes converge for the dozens of Americans heading for Laredo, Texas, then to revolutionary Cuba. On June 27, 41 of them came to Munger Place United Methodist Church from Little Rock, Oklahoma City, Albuquerque, and Denver.

They enjoyed a dinner, music, and the company of another 40-50 North Texans who enthusiastically back their plan to break the Cuba blockade and delivery much-needed supplies to the Cuban people. The caravans are organized by Pastors for Peace in Chicago. By long-distance telephone on June 25, national leader Reverend Lucius Walker joined Dallas organizer Ernest McMillan on radio KNON’s “Workers Beat” program to explain that every American should stand up against the embargo and reach out to other nations in friendship – in spite of the hatred advocated by the current government.

After the “Caravanistas” left Dallas, Ernest McMillan reported that the material aid collected was at least 500 pounds: included wheel chairs, walkers /walking canes, oxygen pump, medicines, medical supplies, and Baseball helmets (150). The effort also grossed $1,722 in cash and checks.

Even more Americans will converge in Laredo as the group crosses the border and heads for the Port of Vera Cruz.

LATE BREAKING DEVELOPMENT: Humanitarian Goods for Cuba Seized in Texas

At approximately 9:30 am local time today [July 3], the 19th annual Caravan to Cuba convoy attempted to cross from the United States into Mexico at McAllen, Texas. At this hour, U.S. border authorities are holding up the ‘Friendshipment” while agents search for and confiscate all donated computers.

There is so far no indication U.S. authorities will prevent other essential items included on America’s broad embargoed materials list passing through the checkpoint, or harass further American and international volunteers en route via Mexico to the Caribbean island nation.