Responses to ‘A path out of Iraq’

I just read Sue Webb’s article (“Iraq exit hits Congress agenda” PWW 3/17-23) and I am glad that Congress is moving forward to get us out of Iraq. I hope it is not just for show.

At the same time I don’t agree with your editorial (“A path out of Iraq”). It is also the time to hold vigils. It is also the time to have signs that say out now. If we don’t the Congress will think we don’t care.

Putting a trust in the Congress versus vigils or demonstrations and marches gives the message we should shut up. That is against the freedom of speech of the Constitution.

Today I use things from the Internet to convince young men not to sign up for the Army, including your web site. But I could never use an article like yours. Those of us who have family or friends’ kids in Iraq always say we need to get out now. We can not stop saying that.

John Ramirez
Bronx NY

I was dismayed by your editorial “A path out of Iraq” (3/17-23). It implies: “What’s good enough for the congressional Democrats should be good enough for the U.S. antiwar movement and the Communists.” On the eve of the antiwar actions, this editorial amounts to a call to stop wasting time demonstrating for “Out Now.”

No doubt your antisectarian intentions are the best, but objectively the editorial is a call to lessen the people’s pressure on the wobbly congressional Democrats to do the right thing and to end imperialism’s aggression and occupation now. Settling for that extended deadline, to accommodate the weaker Democrats, means that Iraqi people by the tens of thousands and U.S. soldiers by the thousands will die. Obviously you cannot want that. Please clarify and correct this erroneous and harmful editorial.

Thomas Kenny
New York NY

I welcome your editorial call last week to support action in Congress to set a definite date for withdrawal of U.S. troops for Iraq.

As much as we would like to bring the troops home today, as much as immediate withdrawal is what is morally right, we must, as you note, recognize the power that Bush and his ilk still have. To defeat them will take an all-sided movement, one that reaches out to all who want to end the war, whether they are ready to support immediate withdrawal or not, whether they originally supported the war or not.

There are even some Republicans now criticizing the war — we shouldn’t put our faith in them or their intentions, but we need to acknowledge that their opposition to the war is one important part of this many-sided struggle, a significant split in Republican ranks and a further erosion of the stranglehold the Republicans have held on political power. This is one part of shifting the agenda — but not the only part.

We need to fight in every way we can — in vigils, demonstrations, letters, conversations, signs, posters, campaigns and yes, in Congress too. This means using every available method and style of struggle that advances the movement to end the Iraq war.

Marc Brodine
Roslyn WA

New Bedford raid

I just read Jose Cruz’s extremely fine story about the New Bedford raid. (“Public fury on jailing of garment workers” PWW 3/17-23).

I am a supporter of the immigrants. During the last few days I protested with a sign outside of the Boston office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement at the JFK Building in Boston, where ICE district director Bruce Chadbourne sits. My sign reads: “NEW BEDFORD RAID UNAMERICAN.”

I was very impressed with the comprehensive nature of your story. The fact you mentioned Chadbourne was very thorough of you.

I have been reading every story in the major media since this happened. Your story in my opinion was by far the most comprehensive of all. Nice job.

I live in the state of Rhode Island which is just 25 minutes from where the raid occurred.

Paul Simmons
Via e-mail

Dear ‘Capitalist Tool’

Here is a letter I wrote to Forbes magazine:

Dear Forbes,

I have just been reviewing your March 26 issue on the world’s richest people and afterwards it reminded me that I need to write another check to the People’s Weekly World. I highly recommend that all people who made your billionaires list get a subscription. They can subscribe at www.pww.org and at $30 a year it is a good deal. Hats off to Mr. Gates, Mr. Buffet and Mr. Sores for doing some good stuff with the wealth they have. So, how about an issue on the world’s poorest people and tell us a little about their lives. Thank you for your consideration.

Andrew Ritterman
Newhall CA

A father’s plea

On the fourth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq and the death of my son Jesús Alberto, I will begin a fast in front of the San Diego Federal Building on March 27 at midnight. The fast will last two days to symbolize the two hours that it took before my son received medical aid as a U.S. Marine slowly bleeding to death after he stepped on an illegal U.S.-made cluster bomb.

I cannot bleed for two hours but I can fast for two days to protest the deaths of our young soldiers and Marines as well as those of innocent Iraqi children. I also fast to oppose the sending of more U.S. troops.

I invite you to join this small demonstration of our disgust with Bush’s criminal war, for however much time you can spare.

For more information, contact me at 858-774-0172 or Juan del Rió at 619-665-0538.

We are accepting donations of water or other necessary items as well as monetary donations.

Fernando Suarez del Solar
Via e-mail

Fernando Suarez del Solar is founder/director of the Guerrero Azteca Peace Project.