In Mitt Romney’s recent speech to the VFW he assured the audience he believed every veteran “deserves care second to none.”

Yet in the nearly 100-page Ryan Republican budget proposal the word “veteran” is never mentioned.

Romney lambasted President Obama’s budget proposal for cutting military spending. However the Ryan Republican budget would cut military spending by 13% more than the president’s.

Furthermore, Romney in his Republican presidential nominee acceptance speech failed to thank American veterans for their service or make any mention of veterans’ issues.

Letting down veterans is nothing new for the Republicans. Iraq Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) published a report card that graded the senators in the 111th Congress for their voting record on veterans’ issues. Thirty-three senators received Ds and Fs; 32 of these senators were Republicans.

The Senate votes included such important bills as: veteran homelessness, full funding for the VA,  mandatory mental health screening, veteran employment and the New G.I. Bill.

Does the Republican Party have anything to offer veterans beside the possibility of more war?

Look out Iran, here we come!

Frank Stearns is a U.S. Army Vietnam veteran 1967-68.



  • Even in the DoD or the Pentagon budgets – the Republicans fail to include helping the Vets when they return. I suspect they would do away with the Veteran’s Death Insurance and Burial costs as a “cut” to pay for Tax Relief for Millionaires. The Republicans LOVE raising the budget amounts for Guns and Bombs, but they lack a need for caskets and prosthetics. Charging Troops for returning home, taxing troops by deducting pay for rotation time off, deleting support for Troop Families is next.
    There is only ONE reason why Romney did not mention our Wars, our Troops, the Veterans in his speech – it is because he doesn’t want to tell them about his ideas of giving Vets/Troops a VOUCHER for their healthcare and burial benefits.
    This is NOT the Republican Party of Yesteryear’s. And that’s unfortunate for America. When the Republicans have their way – we will Have to reinstate the Draft since no one will enlist with their ideas.

    Richard Lewis
    PoDunk, Arkansas – Vietnam Era Vet. and a Regular patient at John L. McClellan Healthcare System, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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