Right-winger Rand slips in Kentucky polls

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The latest poll, conducted by Kentucky-based CN/2 and published on its website July 22, indicates far-right Republican senatorial candidate Rand Paul holds a slight lead over Democrat Jack Conway.

Overall, 41% of people said they would vote for Paul, 38% for Conway, and 19% were undecided.

Moderate voters preferred Democrat Conway, 52% to 18%, likely due to Rand Paul’s right-wing extremism.

The poll variation was 3.46 points, so the race is essentially even.

Out of the 803 likely Kentucky voters polled, 618 people were ages 50 and up, while only 28 people under the age of 30 were polled.

Furthermore, only 47% of people find Rand Paul “favorable,” whereas 50% of people find Conway favorable.

More women lean towards voting for Conway, 43%-36%. Men, however, lean towards Paul 47%-33%.

By district, Paul holds a slight lead in every district besides District 3 (Metro Louisville and Jefferson County) and District 6 (Lexington, Richmond, and Frankfort).

A quick interpretation of this data would show that large, urban areas prefer Conway; whereas rural areas favor Paul.

Dr Paul recently came under fire because as it turns out, his certification to practice ophthalmology came from a fictional certification board, the National Board of Ophthalmology, a board that he himself created. He anointed himself as the president of the board. His wife (who isn’t a doctor) is the vice-president.

“When you step back and look at it at arm’s length, the race is up for grabs because the middle is up for grabs,” said Al Cross, director of the Institute for Rural Journalism at the University of Kentucky and former political writer for the Louisville Courier-Journal.

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  • The real sin against life is to abuse and destroy beauty, even one’s own even more, one’s own, for that has been put in our care and we are responsible for its well-being.


  • The sad thing is that rural voters would probably suffer most from Paul’s crackpot Libertarian ideas.

    Regarding 4liberty’s post: maybe you’re right about Paul’s board not being strictly “fictional.” “Fake” or “phony” would be a better adjectives. Also, despite your typical Libertarian Bizarro-world arguments, I’d prefer to keep the “sacred cow” of civil rights, if you don’t mind.

    To Scott: They end up here because the Ron/Rand zombies tirelessly troll the Internet looking for places to post their gibberish.

  • “honesty, boldness, and ingenuity. ”
    Honesty – Flip flopping on issues and using a bank bailed out by bailouts that he opposes.
    Boldness – Standing up to Washington by telling them that only he can be corrupt and a liar.
    Ingenuity – Creating a certification board in order to get by doing something the right way.

    Yes, I believe honesty, boldness, and ingenuity describe him well.

  • Why is it that whenever we get a story on Rand Paul, his reactionary supporters always end up posting here?

    Anyway, we shouldnt be suprised how this race is playing out- rural areas voting Republican and urban areas voting Democrat. Thats pretty normal demographic trends.

  • If Paul created the board it is not “fictional” bu this article may be….

    Paul is not entirely opposed to ADA or the Civil Rights Bills
    He just knows that the heavy hand of government often has unintended consequences and the even it the best intended legislation Constitutional and Natural Rights can be placed in harms way and need to be protected.

    Remember Civil Rights Bill was not just about race it also includes religion.
    In fact HUD allows for discrimination in housing. If you owner occupy a duplex of 3 or 4 unit home you can discriminate for ANY reason. If I do not want to rent to Christians, Muslims or Satanists I should have that right.
    Same is true in some business settings.

    The costs added by ADA to small business trying to rehab old buildings is a major problem and probably adds to the unemployment problem as people would rather not invest than have to spend extra money for the chance that one person with a disability might not be able to get in to THEIR building. So for the chance that one client or employee may have problem accessing one part of a building many more are out of work. Also historic buildings have been damaged or destroyed trying to make special accommodation under ADA.
    Paul’s statements just show that he does not believe there are “sacred cows” or things that should never be questioned and that he is not afraid to be the guy to ask these tough questions. He asked those questions about the Iraq war opposing it from day one while Conway was a cheerleader for GW Bush’s misguided / illegal war.

    On Civil Rights… Do you have a right to another mans property or labor??
    Should a black business owner have to serve members of a racist church? Under the Civil Rights Act a black business owner must serve members of racist churches. Gay business owners must serve members of churches that are anti gay but can discriminate based on sexual preference…. GAYS ONLY ….

    We can not under the 1st Amendment tell someone what they should believe or what they can say but I do not think they all have a right to our labor or to access our property. Do you?

    Rand Paul 2010 honesty, boldness, and ingenuity.


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