Ron Paul, especially in comparison to his fellow Republicans, does seem a likeable fellow. His position on ending our nation’s wars and interventions is on target. However, it is ridiculous that some otherwise positive, well-meaning folks have become so infatuated with Paul that they call him “progressive.”  It brings to mind an old saying about freedom that goes:  “Freedom means different things to different folks. Freedom for the fox means freedom to eat the hen, but freedom for the hen means freedom from the fox!”

Look a bit closer at just whose liberty and freedom Paul is most interested in protecting. In this time of increased rights for corporations and fetuses, and decreased ones for regular working folks, freedom does not have a neutral meaning.

Massive struggles have developed here in Ohio and across the nation, as obscenely rich corporate interests launched attacks on working people’s collective bargaining rights, Social Security and Medicare, women’s health care, pensions, gay people’s rights, and other areas. Where has the “progressive” Ron Paul come down on these important struggles? Consistently he comes down on the side of corporations  and their “rights,” and solidly against the rights of embattled ordinary working people.

In Ohio, millions had to mobilize to beat back the attack by Gov. John Kasich and the GOP seeking to bust public employee unions with Senate Bill 5. In Wisconsin, Indiana, and elsewhere anti-union “right to work” (for less) bills are being pushed though. Paul issued a statement “cheering passage” of the Indiana law. Even worse, he calls for a national Right to Work Law and has a 100 percent rating from the National Right to Work Committee!

Paul has no concern that in states with right to work laws, workers make $5,333 less. Paul stands against workers’ rights and unions in every form and stands up for the “right” of corporations to rule “freely” over “their” workforce.

Paul has sponsored legislation (HR 2030) to cut Social Security benefits, privatize and destroy it. His concern certainly couldn’t be with our nation’s seniors. Social Security is our nation’s most successful program, pulling aging Americans out of poverty. Last May on Fox News he stated, “Social Security and Medicare are both unconstitutional” He compared these important life-saving programs to “slavery.”

Not only does he support the current ultra-right drive for fetal “personhood,” he sponsored HR 2597 (Sanctity of Life Act of 2007), which would have made that the law of the land. He is for ending occupational safety and health laws, child labor laws, minimum wage laws and unemployment compensation. While touting “liberty.” Paul was an original sponsor of the divisive Marriage Protection Act of 2004, which attacked rights of gay Americans.

Some argue that Paul is really a “true conservative,” sincere and consistent in his views, and for this he should he praised and supported.

Think about this: Paul has stood up strongly against the rights of African Americans and other minorities. He put into the Congressional Record in 2004 a statement that the “Civil Rights Act increased racial tensions and decreased individual liberty.” That was the same year he was the ONLY vote against a congressional resolution supporting the Civil Rights Act on its 40th anniversary. Last year he told “Meet the Press” he “would have voted against the Civil Rights Act,” but went on to clarify that it was “because of the property rights element.”

He sponsored legislation (HR 3863) to exempt religious schools from anti-discrimination laws, and HR 5909, which would specifically end civil rights enforcement in our nation. See a pattern here? Paul really does carry this “true conservative” stuff to its logical conclusion.

In 2007, on “Meet the Press,” Paul said, “Lincoln was wrong to go to war,” going on to say that the government should have “bought all the slaves and set them free.” Paul belongs to the Mines Institute, a pro-Confederate organization. Beyond the basic historic fact that Lincoln did not “go to war” and it was the Confederates who fired on Fort Sumter, Paul seems willing to bend the rules on bailouts, if only for slaveholders!

On every question Ron Paul has been consistent, standing up for the rights of corporations and the wealthy to be free from government regulations. It is these very regulations that are the people’s rights, won through difficult, bloody struggles to be free from corporate rule.

Paul and other immensely wealthy conservatives, like the billionaire Koch Brothers, have been very successful at selling the idea that the government is always wrong, that if we just get the government out of the way, everything will be great.

But it was only thorough government action, brought about by ordinary people fighting for their rights that we have been able to wrench gains from the corporations. Only people exercising democratic control of their own government have been able to guarantee people’s right to vote, civil rights, the right to organize free from company intimidation, rights of people to live where they choose, Social Security, Medicare and so much more. This is what we call democracy. Corporations don’t practice that.

Paul has been good at fighting for corporate rights. Our fight is for the people. That’s the one that’s progressive!



Bruce Bostick
Bruce Bostick

Bruce Bostick is a retired steelworker and labor activist in Ohio.


  • I’m not sure if you can tell or not. But you’re a socialist through and through. But a peaceful one. So that’s nice I guess.

  • He IS NOT progressive. He wants to help us in the lower class by making the cost of living easy again. Remember this man was from a poor family, but because in his time he had freedom and honest money he worked and turned himself into a self made man. The small amounts he recieved from the labor from whatever odd job he worked actually purchased much he could better himself. You could buy a 16 oz. coke for 10 cents and gas was 12 cents because of hard money which above all he wants for us.

    THAT is what we want. We don’t want you our your damned “progressive” hand-outs. The laws they are created from are written by lobbyist and special interest groups to benefit them above all else first. Our money goes to DC first THEN local governments, yet you don’t see the flaw there.

    We want to stop being robbed by the money changers. Your “progressive” way (more like “Assbackward” way) has not worked as it leads to bankrupcy in the end. Paul’s way does not lead to bankrupcy, yet provides for us, and gives us BACK our liberties that we are losing with your progressives NDAA, ACTA, and more endless wars on par with Bush.

    You can call yourselves morons or progressive and it won’t matter as your policies are still foolish.

  • When two are on the wrong course, he who turns back first is the more progressive.

    Ron Paul 2012

    Because the Constitution is progressive. That is all.

  • I think you need to do a little more research into Ron Paul’s political positions before you peck the next word in a news article…as the above text demonstrates your lack of knowledge. Paul supports the free market, individual rights, civil liberties, a non-interventionist foreign policy, and individual rights.

    Keep in mind that the individual is the smallest minority (no matter whether the individual is black, white, brown, green, purple, male, female, or a combination). By protecting individual rights, we ensure everyone (independent of color, sex, religion, etc.) has equal rights and that no collective group has rights over or the ability to take rights away from another individual.

    Ron Paul would likely be the only candidate that argued corporations have too much power via their influence on government and control of the mainstream media. Are you even aware that all of the mainstream media is owned and controlled by a handful of corporations? Perhaps you should watch “Orwell Rolls in His Grave” to learn more about this. Many (if not most) people think they’re getting real news when they tune into FOX, MSM, or CNN. That’s a real laugh! They’re getting the spin approved by their corporate owners.

    As I am sure your intentions do have the best interest of working people in mind, I won’t harp on you too much more. Instead, I’ll leave you with a link to start you on your search for a better understanding of economics: .

    Plainly put, if government got out of the way of US workers, we could put this country back on track. Currently the US suffers from many ailments, not the least of which is Corporate Fascism.


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