To: Union supporters of HR 676 single-payer health care
Re: Reintroduction of HR 676 in the 110th Congress

Several readers forwarded this communication.

On Jan. 24, 2007, Congressman John Conyers reintroduced HR 676, the single-payer National Health Insurance Act, in the 110th Congress. The bill’s number remains the same, but all of the co-sponsors from the 108th and 109th Congresses will have to renew their co-sponsorship.

We’re off to a good start! So far, 53 members of the 110th Congress have signed on as co-sponsors, including five who were not on before. Four of the new co-sponsors were just elected Nov. 7. For the first time, we now have co-sponsors from Iowa, Minnesota and Tennessee! To see who has signed on go to: .

Four co-sponsors in the 109th Congress are no longer in the House. Two, Sherrod Brown (Ohio) and Bernie Sanders (Vt.), were elected to the Senate.

If your union or central labor council has endorsed HR 676, now is the time to let members of Congress know of this endorsement. Please contact the appropriate union officers and ask them to send a letter to all members of Congress who represent any of your members informing them that HR 676 was endorsed by your union, central labor council or state AFL-CIO. The letter should request that the representatives join as co-sponsors in the 110th Congress.

Please write to your own member of Congress with the same request and get friends to do the same. If they need to find who their representative is, just put in the zip code here: . Share this information with those you know who support a single-payer solution to our nation’s health care crisis. We are up against powerful corporate interests in the insurance and pharmaceutical industries. We will need an energetic grassroots effort to persuade our representatives to do the right thing. Act today for HR 676! We can save lives, end the suffering and build healthier unions and a more compassionate nation.


Kay Tillow

All Unions Committee for Single-Payer Health Care – HR 676