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"Indignation": A snapshot of 1950s social contradictions

Dressed up as a coming of age love story, film is a tale individuals pushing up against the social, economic, and cultural limits of their time.


This week in history: Spanish poet-playwright Federico García Lorca murdered

In the beginning weeks of the Spanish Civil War, Federico García Lorca, one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century, was murdered by fascist soldiers.


Florence Foster Jenkins of the trachea: Go with the Flo

Meryl Streep fully incarnates Jenkins, endowing the fleshy, flashy, flawed dowager with her full humanity.


“Kindred”: Octavia Butler’s dark fantasy gets the graphic novel treatment

The new illustrated adaptation of Butler's 1980s classic makes you feel what slavery was like.

“Jason Bourne” film: Don’t trust the CIA

What's arguably most interesting about Jason Bourne is its up-to-the-minute topicality, ripping those proverbial headlines right off the front pages.

Blinded by the bright lights of Hollywood and “Café Society”

How Woody Allen keeps 'em coming on such a high level of interest is a phenomenon of continued creative juices still flowing in the senior decades. 

“Our Little Sister”: A masterpiece

"Our Little Sister" is a film of surpassing beauty and sensitivity, a fully realized insight into family that unfolds patiently, with elegance and understanding.

American Gods: Cast, producers talk whitewashing, Mike Pence, new trailer

Imagine a world where supernatural personifications of the internet, capitalism, and media are newly formed gods hell-bent on taking power.

Human trafficking and sex slavery: The opera

Set amidst a maelstrom of deception, secrecy and violence, Anya17 emphasizes young girls' aspirations for comfort and freedom in "the West."

“Ghostbusters”: 30 years later, can this sequel stand on its own?

It's not easy making a sequel. Should you stick to the original formula?