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Theater review: "Chaplin, the Musical"

It's a well-worth-seeing tribute to the greatest and most responsible of artists, Charley Chaplin.


Jazz great Dave Brubeck dies at 91

Brubeck was one of the most active and popular musicians in both the jazz and classical worlds.


Movies you might have missed: “Destiny of a Man”

This all consuming experience in the Soviet psyche resulted in many films that portrayed the incredible heroism of the Soviet people.


“An African Election” gives riveting backdrop to coming Ghana vote

The critically acclaimed documentary "An African Election" provides a riveting taste of politics in Ghana, the West African nation that is gearing up for elections this Friday.


Profit takers reimagined as nation makers

The recent The Men Who Built America, was constructed upon the premise that a handful of wealthy, powerful men determined the course of the nation.


In memoriam: baseball labor pioneer Marvin Miller

Marvin Miller, the labor leader who built the Major League Baseball Players Association into sports' most powerful union, died Nov. 26.


“Red Dawn” a disappointing remake

The film had its moments, including some poking fun at the original. Still, a good moment here or there cannot justify an otherwise dull movie.

2012 baseball season showcased Venezuelan talent

This baseball season and World Series showcased the level of talent from Venezuela.


How "The Hobbit" caused 27 animal deaths

Wranglers that worked with the animals had complained about the conditions, but their criticisms with the farm were reportedly ignored.


Left on the bookshelf: "My Discovery of America"

American audiences may find the travel narrative of the three months Vladimir Mayakovsky spent in the Western hemisphere in 1925 to be a more accessible literary contribution.

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