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Inextricable bond between shepherd and flock: A modern Icelandic tragicomic film

Icelandic director Grímur Hákonarson has a small hit on his hands in his new film "Rams," starring two of his country's leading stage actors.


“Hail, Caesar!” A specter haunts Hollywood in new goofball comedy

Hot on the heels of the Oscar-nominated Trumbo, another 1950s-set movie about Hollywood Reds has been released.


"Pride + Prejudice + Zombies": The undead wear petticoats

Suited for anyone who enjoys well developed characters, strong female leads, and a fun time at the movies that includes flesh-eating undead humanoids.


“Candide”: The best of all possible shows?

It's at all times innovative, witty and charming, full of puppetry, pageantry, imaginative stagecraft and Voltaire's waggish sensibility. 


"The Shannara Chronicles" offers elves, magic, and Millennials

Everything ancient is new again on The Shannara Chronicles, which caters to a very specific audience and is far better than it has any right to be.


"The X-Files": The nostalgia is out there, but is it good?

The question is whether The X-Files, in its six-episode "event series," lives up to the hype, or holds a candle to the original.


Singing the praises of a Portuguese Holocaust hero

Five years ago the Sousa Mendes Foundation commissioned composer Neely Bruce to write an oratorio about the Portuguese rescuer.


“Aferim!”: The wild, wild East in film

It has a number of genre conventions of the Western, though one could argue that the Romanian-set film should be called an "Eastern."


Reading the backstory on Bernie: “Outsider in the White House”

Can a seasoned Independent who calls himself a "democratic socialist" get elected to the White House in 2016?


"The Big Short” in review: The fire next time

The film version of Michael Lewis' non-fiction book "The Big Short" is a high percentage earner in the Great Recession sweepstakes. 

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