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“Arcadia”: Tom Stoppard’s complex Byronic drama to the manor born

This two-acter is so complex that the playbill actually includes a "character map" which, like a genealogical diagram, traces who is who in a series of linked boxes.


“Haunted House Party”: Roman comedy makes a comeback after 2200 years

After the proverbial curtain fell I felt like paraphrasing Hamlet: "I have of late, but wherefore I know why, lost all my misery...."


The Toronto International Film Festival 2016: A preview

Master film directors abound in this latest installment of a festival that respects the craft of filmmaking.


“Mutual Philanthropy” reveals predatory side of gentrification

It's hard to escape the politics of the moment surrounding this world premiere production. 


“Dutch Masters”: A terse, tense dissection of race in America

"The deeper I investigated, the more I related to what these characters are searching for and the ideas that are dramatized."


“Kindred”: Octavia Butler’s dark fantasy gets the graphic novel treatment

The new illustrated adaptation of Butler's 1980s classic makes you feel what slavery was like.


“Jason Bourne” film: Don’t trust the CIA

What's arguably most interesting about Jason Bourne is its up-to-the-minute topicality, ripping those proverbial headlines right off the front pages.


Blinded by the bright lights of Hollywood and “Café Society”

How Woody Allen keeps 'em coming on such a high level of interest is a phenomenon of continued creative juices still flowing in the senior decades. 


“Our Little Sister”: A masterpiece

"Our Little Sister" is a film of surpassing beauty and sensitivity, a fully realized insight into family that unfolds patiently, with elegance and understanding.


Human trafficking and sex slavery: The opera

Set amidst a maelstrom of deception, secrecy and violence, Anya17 emphasizes young girls' aspirations for comfort and freedom in "the West."

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