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"The Skyjacker's Tale": Miscarriage of justice in 1970s St. Croix

It's one of the most colorful and stylized political stories at the Toronto International Film Festival, a totally absorbing and entertaining film, full of creative reenactments.


Orange is the new red

The season finale of the third season of Netflix's "Orange is the New Black" was spectacular, to say nothing of the other wonderful episodes leading up to it.


A lament for Eric Garner

A poetic response, one among many from around the country, is based on Biblical passages and other religious and philosophical texts.


Movies you might have missed: "Sacco and Vanzetti"

Awell-made, engrossing documentary that does something remarkable. It makes compelling viewing out of the retelling of the prosecution of a murder trial from 87 years ago, of which we already know the outcome.


A song for Pete Seeger

Ah Pete, I somehow thought you were like the Sequoia


NFL escapes "judicial nets" with concussion deal

The most recent "whale" to escape meaningful legal accountability was the National Football League (NFL) who settled over 4,000 lawsuits from former players and families.