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Ronnie Gilbert's "Radical Life in Song"

A memoir isn't a well-researched biography by a historian; it is a remembering fat with feelings; this is a gloriously personal invitation to us to see how she saw it.


"Next to Normal," brave, hyperactive musical on a small stage

It promises "an emotional rollercoaster, an inspiring and touching, if not transformative, experience for audiences," and largely succeeds despite the questionable premises of the book itself.


"Walk All Night": Documentary follows Chicago "bucket boys" to Senegal

Social worker Elita Tewelde wanted to empower Chicago's bucket drummers, mostly young African American men and boys, through a connection to their past.


Holychild’s summer jam EP: A Brat Pop critique of capitalism

A new critique of pop culture, mass consumption and its objectification of the female body.


In “The Marvin Gaye Story,” sexual healing is the political

The music gives us this clarity about who we are, how we can be, the world we can achieve. 


“Junction 48”: Palestinian rappers searching for normalcy, humanity, and love

Activism, women's rights, and rap music were some motifs of the only Palestinian/Israeli-themed film at Tribeca this year.  


A singular artist who contributed to the common good: Prince’s remarkable life

Prince occupied a giant place in our culture; his loss sends shock waves through all categories of Americans - categories that he himself transcended.


The power of music: Alexander the Great and Handel in wartime

Handel composed Alexander's Feast in early 1736; it became one of his most popular and most often revived works during his lifetime.


“Marguerite”: Bad singer, great movie

Marguerite is an exquisite film tribute to the strange, wonderful spirit of would be diva Florence Foster Jenkins.


Working man's poet, Merle Haggard lived his life in song

Haggard wrote songs for the American working class to drink to, to dance to and to cry to.

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