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“Detroit Jazz City”: New CD celebrates the Motor City

Music enthusiasts may rarely think of Detroit when it comes to jazz ... but a new CD might change that. 


Kendrick Lamar and other top moments of the 2016 Grammys

A lot of it dragged but a few terrific performances and notable speeches and awards punctuated the slow-mo show.


Singing the praises of a Portuguese Holocaust hero

Five years ago the Sousa Mendes Foundation commissioned composer Neely Bruce to write an oratorio about the Portuguese rescuer.


Unpacking a trunk of new Soviet Yiddish songs: A self-interview

"This is exhilarating. It's been a long time coming and I'm very proud of our work on it. It's been a highly collective process."


David Bowie, 1947-2016: Departure of the Cosmic Chameleon

Bowie was an artist; a true original force that didn't stay still but progressed, shedding identities and modes of work and style to offer new canvases.


Where there's a Weill, there's a way; Julia Migenes review

Fans of Kurt Weill and cabaret-style music who won't trip over the language barrier are likely to enjoy Julia Migenes' bravura performance.


Today in history: Remembering composer Aaron Copland

His symphonies, ballet and film scores, songs and choral works became the American classical style, combining his formal studies of music with popular American genres such as folk and jazz.


Latin Grammy Awards: Don’t vote for racists

 The Latin Grammy Awards started out as a typical music awards show, until Los Tigres and Mana held  up a large sign that read "Latinos Unidos No Voten for Racistas!"


New book celebrates the centennial of jazz great Billy Strayhorn

"Strayhorn: An Illustrated Life" is a welcome addition for anyone interested in jazz, civil rights, or photography.


Alda's "Passage": Music and environment, Cascadian style

Not a band to mince words, Alda is the latest 'green' black metal artist that is lamenting the destruction done to nature.

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