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“High bridge to the future”: Robert Edwards’ working words

One hundred forty-seven years since Marx's Communist Manifesto, Robert Edwards publishes a retrospective of his political poems.


This week in history: Spanish poet-playwright Federico García Lorca murdered

In the beginning weeks of the Spanish Civil War, Federico García Lorca, one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century, was murdered by fascist soldiers.


Independence Day: Let America be America again

In a time when demagogues try to convince us that America needs to be "great again," Hughes reminds us of the dream of what America could be.


This week in women’s history: Poet-novelist-activist Marge Piercy turns 80

Piercy has written 17 novels, including bestsellers, and 19 volumes of poetry.


American Grace

This poem/prayer was originally published in People's Weekly World in March 2006.


Remembering poet, Spanish Civil War vet Ramon Durem

Although of mixed heritage, he identified as African American, and his poems impacted the Black Power movement as a cultural inspiration.


Today in history: Chilean communist poet Pablo Neruda wins Nobel Prize

Neruda won the Nobel Prize for Literature "for a poetry that with the action of an elemental force brings alive a continent's destiny and dreams."


Hispanic Heritage Month: A Costa Rican poet honors Carlos Bulosan

Carlos Sampayan Bulosan (1913-1956) was a class-conscious English-language Filipino novelist and poet.


Today in history: "BaddDDD" black poet Sonia Sanchez is born

Since the 1970s Sanchez has published a steady stream of poetry books and plays.



This poem is a response to the refugee/migrant crisis now engulfing Europe.

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