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New book offers another perspective on Trump: satire

"YUGE! 30 Years Of Doonesbury On Trump" honestly reflects the over-the-top greed and self-promotion that has defined Trump for well over three decades.


I watched Dinesh D’Souza’s awkward anti-Hillary movie so you don’t have to

D'Souza selectively culls, bends, and ultimately breaks history in a desperate attempt to show how all evil flows from Democrats.


Romeo and Juliet jinxed in East Jerusalem

Emotions run high in this version of Shakespeare's classic tale of star-crossed lovers, set in one of today's flashpoints of international strife.


Spies R Us: Keeping it in the family on “The Americans”

Viewers spent some uncomfortable time in character Elizabeth Jennings' shoes.


“Shadow World” exposes mega-industry of global weapon sales

New film shows how U.S.-based corporations are supplying weapons for wars around the globe.


“The Americans”: Christ and the FBI come to dinner

Revelations keep coming on each new episode of "The Americans."


"The City of Conversations": Politics is all in the family

Giardina is insightfully pointing out that beneath the surface - especially in politics, which makes strange bedfellows - things aren't always as they appear to be.


"The Americans": Sex, friendship, and lies

For Elizabeth to have to betray her friend Young-Hee and deal with yet another U.S.-made deadly weapon, is entirely too much.


New book offers inside look at Soviet Communist Party discipline

Being a member of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union wasn't just an honor; it required strict discipline and moral obligations.


"The Americans": Making problems disappear, vodka optional

Maybe, just maybe, Philip and Elizabeth can catch a break.

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