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Coal and silk: Two impressive new documentaries

As one historian puts it, "Labor relations in America have never been gentle."


Anti-slavery classic revived for the stage as “Tom”

A nineteenth-century American classic, re-imagined for the stage as a tale of racial injustice.


A Dutch composer dissects American media in "The News" opera

One of the most wildly inventive productions this reviewer has experienced in any medium for years.


Romeo and Juliet jinxed in East Jerusalem

Emotions run high in this version of Shakespeare's classic tale of star-crossed lovers, set in one of today's flashpoints of international strife.


Staceyann Chin takes Chicago by storm in one-woman show: “MotherStruck!”

The Chicago-based one-woman show brings audiences to tears of laughter and pain.


Spies R Us: Keeping it in the family on “The Americans”

Viewers spent some uncomfortable time in character Elizabeth Jennings' shoes.


“Shadow World” exposes mega-industry of global weapon sales

New film shows how U.S.-based corporations are supplying weapons for wars around the globe.


“The Fits”: An adolescent girl at the edge of transformation

A girls' dance competition in Cincinnati sets the stage for this art-house film.


“Gruesome Playground Injuries”: Wounds, blood, and scars on theatrical display

This two-person tour de force is playing through June 26 at the Hudson Backstage in Los Angeles.


“The Americans”: Christ and the FBI come to dinner

Revelations keep coming on each new episode of "The Americans."

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