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Films critique modern warfare—abroad and in U.S. cities

Two new documentaries show the moral and human impact of a war without clear targets or objectives.


"The Americans": Nuclear winter of the heart

The Jennings family is at home, along with FBI agent/friend Stan Beeman and his son, Matthew, watching the movie, "The Day After."


The Cold War takes its toll on "The Americans"

Fictional traitor Nina has appeared this season in haunting vignettes where her dreams of being rescued are dashed by cold reality.


VIDEO: #OscarsSoWhite goes viral

Controversy followed the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announcement of the nominees for the 2016 Oscars ceremony.


Screen Actors Guild Awards — the union alternative to the Oscars

"Yes, it's glitzy and glamorous, but really it's about celebrating our union."


The Progies show how film awards can be inclusive and progressive

Nominations for the Progie Awards have been voted on. May the Best Progressive films and filmmakers win!


#OscarsSoWhite goes viral as Academy Awards nominations are announced

Activist communities on the Internet had prepared for it: as it turned out, the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite was buzzing the morning of Jan. 14.


Today in history: Mark Twain, antiwar polemicist, is born in 1835

Twain was also active in the anti-imperialist movement around the turn of the 20th century, as the U.S. embarked on building a far-flung global sphere of influence.


Latin Grammy Awards: Don’t vote for racists

 The Latin Grammy Awards started out as a typical music awards show, until Los Tigres and Mana held  up a large sign that read "Latinos Unidos No Voten for Racistas!"


War and anti-war films at Zürich Film Festival

NGO workers entangled behind the lines of a combat zone during the final days of former Yugoslavia's warfare; Danes embroiled in Afghanistan.


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