Audio: Debates in the world communist movement


On Jan. 21, another exciting People's World teleconference took place. This time, listeners heard Susan Webb talk about her experience representing the Communist Party USA at the 15th Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties, which was held during Nov. 2013 in Lisbon, Portugal.

Communist and workers' parties worldwide have had varying experiences, and are employing various strategies and tactics and drawing different conclusions about how to advance the struggle for social justice and socialism. What's it all about? What can we learn? What is the position of the CPUSA?

Listen to a recording of our latest teleconference below and find out!

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  • Very understandable, thought-provoking discussion for general listeners and workers seeking answers to problems of capitalist domination.
    How the World Communist movement defines a socialist alternative that resolves those problems inherent in a global economy where austerity, unequal trade and corporate domination prevail indicates the degree of revolutionary patience exhibited by Workers' Parties of different countries. Thank you, Peoples World, "for bringing it".

    Posted by Richard Grassl, 01/31/2014 11:34pm (2 years ago)

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