Movies you might have missed: “Fateless”

The capitalist industrialists of Nazi Germany were instrumental in the political rise and installation of Adolph Hitler as master of Germany.


Gore Vidal: brilliant provocateur

Gore Vidal was a very specific sort of figure, heir to the heritage of Oscar Wilde and Dorothy Parker. His description of himself: a "gentleman bitch."


Oak Creek tragedy rooted in right-wing extremism

As a nation, we cannot allow this hate crime (or any hate crime) to be swallowed up by the next news cycle and then forgotten.


"Ruby Sparks": Guy creates perfect girlfriend, who created him?

"Ruby Sparks" is a romantic comedy with some rather dreadful underpinnings.


Movie audience laughs and cringes at “Killer Joe”

Our matinee audience, nearly a full house, laughed all the way through "Killer Joe," but it was nervous laughter.


Janitors strike rocks Houston, forces employers to talk

Janitors here won a historic victory this past week as the contractors were forced to begin negotiations with the Service Employees International Union.


Pros and cons of Chomsky and Hedges

The left is blessed with a plethora of astute writers and powerful voices against capitalism and its predatory policies.


Cuba crash reveals dissident links to U.S., European politicians

The incident illustrates the degree to which anti-socialist dissidents in Cuba are linked to important political circles both in the United States and Europe.

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