Unions on Romney’s VP choice: Wrong for America

"As CEO of Bain Capital, Romney made his fortune by hollowing out the dreams of ordinary American workers. The Romney-Ryan budget would wreak the same kind of economic damage on households nationwide."


Hopes soar as Elwha dams come down and salmon return

For 100 years, two hydroelectric dams on the Elwha River blocked fish from their spawning grounds, destroying one of the world's most bountiful salmon fisheries.


KFC’s tainted legacy of rainforest destruction, animal cruelty

Consumers of Kentucky Fried Chicken food may care to know their meal is being served with a side of cruelty.


Chevron refinery fire sparks community anger

Richmond's residents live amidst five refineries, three chemical plants and eight superfund sites, in a county that produces the most hazardous materials.


Corporations loot tax monies as Chicago schools suffer

Why would some of America's richest families need lavish public subsidies while schools, parks and other public services are in desperate need of funds?


Quakes rattle Texas: fracking disposal wells to blame?

Seismologists have concluded that wastewater disposal wells from fracking are causing the unpleasant phenomenon, adding new controversy.

Transition movement brings new environmental approach

A new movement is afloat. The Transition movement blends aspects of the environment movement and broad grassroots organizing.


LGBT hunger striker: I want the same rights as you

Sometimes, it's a good thing to go hungry. Throughout the state, Michigan's "anti-equality environment" is being protested with a 100-day hunger strike.


Christian "charity" really slumlords

Reverend Hamlet and Global Ministries Fellowship PAC are not running a charity.


Coalition will educate youth on new immigration rules

The Department of Homeland Security clarified rules for undocumented immigrant youth looking to apply for temporary legal status.

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