Is the Communist Party affiliated with parties in other countries?

The CPUSA is an independent organization. We apply Marxism to our country, our history and our traditions. We are not “affiliated to,” in the sense of being subordinate to, any organization outside the US, or inside the U.S.

We do have fraternal, friendly ties of solidarity with many Communist and Workers Parties around the world. We participate in international conferences of Communists, such as one held in Greece in 1999, where over 60 parties presented and exchanged views.

When invited, we send representatives to the conventions that other parties hold, and invite others to attend our conventions. For example, at our most recent convention, held in Milwaukee in July of 2001, we had fraternal delegates from 20 Communist and Workers Parties. We strive to build deeper unity and where possible coordinated action of the world movement, to fight the ever-increasingly interlinked worldwide capitalist system.

Just go to our International links page to get a sense of the breadth and vibrancy of the world communist movement.