Cuba: U.S. anti-government payouts continue

World Note

U.S. Senator John Kerry has raised questions as to waste and corruption in distributing U.S. funds to anti-government groups in Cuba.

But despite Kerry's insisting on cutting the amount to $15 million, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is asking for $20 million to fund subversive activities,  and is seeking proposals for future projects, due prior to July 18.

According U.S. journalist Tracey Eaton, cited by Granma newspaper on June 15, $6 million will be available to contractors targeting young people, ages 12 - 18. USAID anticipates "more distribution of laptops and [other means] to promote their concept of 'freedom of expression.'"

Another $9 million directed to "groups of neighbors, cooperatives, sports clubs, [and] religious groups" will target "marginal populations" including blacks and rural youth. "The other five [million] will be spent in some other way," which the source cited by reporter Jean Guy Allard did not specify."