Thunderbirds creator Gerry Anderson dies at 83

For those of us of a certain age, memories of childhood Christmases might well include presents from the imagination of Gerry Anderson


Walking a mile in Barbara’s shoes

Andre is aware that East Germany has been following the orthodox Soviet model, one that doesn't, reflect the highest humanitarian principles of socialism.


A Vision

A poem in memory of those who died in Newtown.


Movies you might have missed: “Storm Warning”

You would be remiss if you did not mention the 1951 film, Storm Warning, in which Reagan portrays a district attorney crusading against the Ku Klux Klan.


Comics legend Alan Moore slams Hollywood, defends Occupy

Among fans of graphic novels and comics, Alan Moore has become a household name.


Metal vocalist criticizes insensitivity toward Conn. shooting

The school shooting has cut like a knife through the metal community, which itself has experienced its own fair share of tragedy.


Ten best book adaptations of 2012

One underestimates just how much books - ranging from paperbacks to comics to graphic novels - have an influence on what is seen on television and in film.


Top ten films from 2012 progressives should see

Of course, there are many more than ten, but we should start somewhere.


Jedi creed, Paganism among top alternative beliefs in UK

The branching out of other faiths, and the increase in people who choose to abstain from religion, could be seen as an example of growing diversity in the UK.


Nature vs. nurture in the Middle East: "The Other Son"

What does it mean to be a parent? A Jew? A Muslim? Israeli? Palestinian? What is the nature of identity politics when you don't even know what your identity is?

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