Oakland, Calif.: The Obama presidency one year later: Marxist and other observations

February 6 2010 14:00 - February 6 2010 17:00

Join in the assessment! We're into the second year of the Obama Presidency, a year in which one-third of the US Senate, the House of Representatives, many state governors, and the state legislatures are up for re-election.

The struggle for healthcare continues, no matter what the form of national legislation. And the struggles for jobs, justice at the workplace and for the rights and dignity of immigrants continue.

A wider, expanded war, the environmental crisis, what's to be done? What forces do we need to mobilize? And AFTER elections, then what needs to happen?

At the Niebyl-Proctor Marxist Library for Social Research, 6501 Telegraph Ave., Oakland (bet. Alcatraz and 66th)


1. Sam Webb, Observations One Year In,

2. John Case, A Left Role, and Renewed Identity, and How-To, in Campaigns for National Service Programs,

3. Progressives (and Obama) Are Doing Better Than We Think...., an article by Nathan Newman.

All articles are available in hard copy at Niebyl-Proctor Marxist Library.

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Activities at the Library are wheelchair accessible.