At UAW legislative conference, Obama defends auto bailout

In a rousing speech to a legislative conference of the UAW, President Obama defended his administration's bailout of the auto industry and credited UAW workers as the real saviors of the big Detroit companies.

Republican Party: back to the future

Will pandering to bigots and religious extremists be enough to save the Romney campaign?


Romney comes to Michigan, bashing unions

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney came to Michigan the day after Valentine's Day, but he wasn't showing any love for the state's union members.

Pennsylvania attorney general race could play “keystone” role for 2012

Pennsylvania's attorney general contest could be key to how the crucial Keystone State goes in November.


Online campaign to boycott Koch Industries grows

The Koch brothers are a major funder of the tea party and several right-wing think tanks.


Santorum rolls over the “inevitable” Romney

The Republican establishment's narrative of Mitt Romney's "imevitability" as the party's presidential nominee unraveled Tuesday in just one night.


Group pushes misinformation about payday loan initiative

"Missourians for Equal Credit Opportunity" opposes the ballot initiative so much that it is spreading misinformation in an attempt to intimidate supporters.


Ron Paul’s neo-Nazi ties, Romney alliance exposed

When hacking activist group Anonymous began a mission to take down the white supremacist party, they were surprised by what they found


Texans will fight voter suppression

"We are in a new era, a new situation, which none of us have ever seen before."

Elections in Virginia, the “Old Dominion”

In recent decades, social and demographic changes, as well as the victories of the Civil Rights movement, have been eroding Virginia's reputation as a bulwark of reaction.

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