The GOP's terrorist heroes

When do right-wingers think an act of politically motivated violence is not terrorism? When a white man flies his airplane into a federal building and kills an African American, as Joe Stack did, Feb. 18,


The most dangerous man in America, worth watching

WASHINGTON (PAI) -- We usually don't use The Washington Window as a movie review, but we're going to make an exception, and urge you to see "The Most Dangerous Man In America."


Black History video celebrates change-making movements

Video celebrates Black History Month with interviews of two Southern California participants in the great social movements for democracy and equality.

War is peace

Defense Secretary Gates, in Orwellian logic, said the biggest threat to peace is the European peace movement. WTF?


Socialism USA means jobs, jobs, jobs

SANCTI SPIRITUS, Cuba - Traveling around Cuba you get a feel for how Cubans struggle every day to develop their country. As an American it makes my blood boil to see how the U.S. government blockade of Cuba helps enforce poverty and underdevelopment on the Cuban people.

Snow job

People Before Profits columnist says it's not a jobs bill, it's a snow job.


Nurse's verdict protects patients

On February 12, Anne Mitchell, a registered nurse at Winkler County Memorial Hospital in far west Texas was acquitted, of "misuse of official information," a third degree felony carrying a possible 10 year sentence. The jury took only an hour to hand a major victory for nurses all over the country who have a duty to report actions of doctors whose behavior endangers patient health.


Driving us to distraction in land of logos

In the movie "They Live," aliens use subliminal messages to steer our actions and thinking. Living in the "land of logos," are we being steered, and for what?


Hair-raising display at CPAC

The 2010 Conservative Political Action Conference, which took place this past weekend, showed the nation two things: the right-wing fringe, while still small, has become more activist and, secondly, it has become even more extreme. It was more than tinged with fascist ideology. The conference embraced it.

Message from Greece

The economic crisis in Greece has lessons for American workers on taxes, immigrant rights and more.

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