Festive crowd greets annual Philadelphia PW awards banquet

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PHILADELPHIA - A crowd of 90 supporters turned out for the annual People's Weekly World banquet here to honor United Steelworkers Local 404 as well as longtime People's  World supporter Lou Incognito. The banquet honored Local 404 for its role in building the labor movement locally and for the union's role nationally in organizing the "Blue Green Alliance". Their award was accepted by local president Lindsay Patterson, who in turn presented a plaque to retiring subdistrict director Donald Harper. Also in attendance were USW District 10 director John De Fazio and Assistant Director John Zanetti, who both travelled from Pittsburgh for the event.

Honoree Lou Incognito, a supporter and distributor of, and writer for the paper for many years, was accompanied by a large contingent of his family including his (grown up) children as well as grandchildren. He gave an engaging account of his intellectual journey which led him eventually to the realization that the social justice principles he learned in Catholic school could best be realized in progressive working-class political activity.

James Bradford closed the program with a demonstration of the new People's World website and the extensive possibilities it presents for political and social justice activists. Those in attendance appeared to consider this banquet a fitting and appropriate kick off for the holiday season.



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  • Why is there so little coverage of this even and the Chicago event. It would seem to me that there should be large photo spreads showing everyone at these events with lots of coverage of the speeches.

    What can the PW be expected to cover well if it can't provide adequate coverage of its own events?

    From reading this article and the one on a similar even in Chicago and the one in Connecticut one can barely get any idea of what the speakers had to say or the scope of the crowds. This is very poor workingclass journalism.

    Let's have some better coverage of these three events.

    All three events should include video and audio of all the speeches as part of a multi-media coverage.

    Gina Gianlorenzi
    Pittsburg, PA

    Posted by Gina Gianlorenzi, 12/15/2009 7:13pm (6 years ago)

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