Finding the Peoples Weekly World in 2008

Dear Readers,

In many cities across the country you can find the People’s Weekly World at public libraries, coffee shops, bus stops, co-ops and laundromats. Our distributors pay for these copies and then leave stacks of the newspaper, each week, for all the voracious readers and activists that frequent these establishments. Many times it may seem like working-class elves deliver our newspaper to your favorite hangout every week, because you may not know, or even see, our distributors hard at work.

Starting next year, these kinds of “free and faceless” distributions will have to be cut back. The PWW doesn’t have the advertising base to be able to afford a “free” weekly distribution like that. And while we know that readers in cities like St. Paul/Minneapolis, Sacramento, Calif., Buffalo, N.Y., and Tucson, Ariz., enjoy having the PWW widely available, we simply can’t afford to keep doing it.

This is a heads-up for you. Don’t start 2008 without subscribing to the People’s Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo. Don’t be caught saying to yourself in January, “Boy, I miss that newspaper I used to read every week over my coffee.”

Subscribe today — for a mere 62 cents per issue. Don’t miss an issue. You need this newspaper, especially going into this intense election year. There will be lots of struggles and lots of political twists and turns as the multiracial labor and people’s movements fight to put the Bush agenda on the garbage heap of history. You need to know about these struggles because your local media won’t report on them. So subscribe today! Go to to subscribe online.

In solidarity,

Teresa Albano Editor