For Valentine’s Day, a love poem



I wrote this poem while sitting at a bookstore that was on the east side of Rockford, IL. Some of the elements that were mentioned in the poem I actually had by my side. In a creative mood, I heard a woman's voice - the rest is history.



"I Met Her At A Book Store"


I met her at a bookstore

Amidst the aroma of coffee,

laughter, and conversation.


Somehow our eyes met. We

began to admire and respect 

each others presence.


In essence I considered 

our first glance a chance 

For my soul's salvation.


Clearest to me was the sunshine

Of her smile and the beauty of her

dimpled cheeks, which caused me

To stumble over my speech

from time to time.


Her laughter was liquid upon

The jazz that played lightly in

the cafe. I could not have had

a better day.


She saw me sipping green tea

serenely, then wanted to meet me.

Turns out, she beat me to the last copy

Of Pablo Neruda's " On The Blue Shore

of Silence."


That's how we met:  Her hand touched

mine and in that brief moment in time 

We seemed to marry one another.


I found myself smothered

In the glory of her greatness

Singing silently in a blanketing

bliss of love's unpredictable beauty.


I met her at a bookstore. My

life has changed forevermore.

© Christopher D. Sims


Photo: Ian Collins/Flickr/CC

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  • I've recently stumbled on this website and found this poem. I noticed that you mentioned in regards to a bookstore in Rockford, IL. It's great to see something like this come from Rockford on a website like this. Keep writing comrade!

    Posted by Bryan, 02/27/2014 2:21pm (1 year ago)

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