GOP drive to recall Wisconsin Democrats fizzles

MADISON, Wis. - Republicans here have been able to file petitions to recall only three of eight Democratic state senators they are trying to unseat. And the petitions they have filed may end up being thrown out by election authorities who have been unable to verify that the GOP has submitted the required number of valid signatures.

The Republicans had less than the required number of valid signatures to recall four other senators they want to unseat, and then missed the deadline for filing valid signatures to recall them.

Republicans said they targeted the eight senators because the Democrats had fled the state to delay passage of Republican Gov. Scott Walker's bill destroying collective bargaining rights for public service workers.

Meanwhile, a broad coalition of trade union, community and Democratic Party activists filed more than 26,000 signatures by yesterday to recall a sixth Republican state senator - Robert Cowles of Green Bay - who voted for Walker's bill.

All the petitions to recall the six Republicans had well over the minimum number of required signatures. That number must equal 25 percent of the total vote for governor in November's election in each Senate district.

The 26,524 signatures submitted to recall Cowles were 166 percent of the required number in his district. A filing of 15,960 signatures is stipulated for that district under the 25-percent-of-the-gubernatorial-vote formula.

Earlier, pro-union activists filed recall petitions for Alberta Darling of River Hills, Shelia Harsdorf of River Falls, Luther Olsen of Ripon, Dan Karpanke of LaCrosse and Randy Hopper of Fond du Lac.

If Democrats can win three of the six seats, they will wrest control of the Wisconsin Senate from the Republicans.

There is seemingly no end to the woes Republicans are facing as a result of Gov. Walker's right-wing budget bill.

The latest in the long list of problems it has caused came today with the U.S. Department of Agriculture saying Wisconsin would break a federal law if it hires a private contractor to decide who is and who is not eligible for food stamps. The Walker budget removes this function from county governments and turns it over to private firms. The federal government has warned Wisconsin that privatization of state food assistance programs could cost the state $20 million federal dollars each year.

Yesterday, U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack called similar privatization efforts in Indiana and Texas "complete failures marked by technical difficulties, staffing shortages and inadequate training of private call-center staff resulting in adverse impacts on the state and its people."


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  • Well ALEC is definitely involved with the GOPs cordinated attack on the working class. Other than that they have their lie factories like the heritage foundation, Fox "News", McIver institute, etc.

    I mean reall you just look at who benefits from the policies they are pushing. Billionaires who make their money through pollution and exploiting the working class.

    I doubt there is a name for this kabal of villains but Walker refers to them as "us" in the Walkergate call.

    Posted by WisKid, 05/01/2011 12:06pm (5 years ago)

  • Richard, Satan is behind what the GOP are doing, and it appears he is also slithering with the Democrats as well. Have you noticed they don't seem to have any fight in them for the people? A few words of support for the people every now and again, but it is plain as day, they are not standing up for what is right. To take food from the people (because they know this plan will not work) has got to be your biggest sign. We have some very sad suffering times coming in the very near future, to get to a final resolution. Christians know this, they have shown their hands, and it was all foretold. Amazing, people tried to discount it as being true.

    Posted by TessTy, 04/30/2011 6:15pm (5 years ago)

  • What the GOP is doing is infuriating the majority. I don't know who is behind their policy of weakening the working class but I remember reading an article that was written within the last year in the American Spectator publication online which spelled out the GOP desire to to turn the Midwest into a right-to-work region ultimately breaking the Democratic base. Funny, I can no longer find the article in their archives. It has vanished. It was very revealing. It disappeared around the time people were starting to get wound up about Walkers budget plan (late January) . I was going to link it to comments but I could no longer find it. This is a power play at the cost of regular working people and if they continue to gain ground we are all losers. It is time to find the truth out. Who is behind this??? Ryan is definitely tied in. A tree is known by its fruits. They are on a concerted fast track to ruin the American quality of life by making us working slaves until the day we die. Think about it. I believe that their plan is to take away the American dream. We really need a progressive party again.

    Posted by Richard, 04/29/2011 9:54pm (5 years ago)

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