Greek fascist assaults two women on television

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A male Greek fascist politician physically assaulted two left-wing women members of parliament during a television show June 8. There has been a warrant issued for his immediate arrest, although the man is in hiding currently.

Ilias Kasidiaris, the spokesman of the violent far-right extremist group Golden Dawn, got into a shouting match with the two women MPs, Liana Kanelli, a Communist from the KKE, and Rena Dourou, who's with the leftist SYRIZA Party.

Attempting to shout them down Kasidiaris took to violence and threw water in the face of Dourou. When Kanelli came to her aid, Kasidiaris smacked her three times in the face.

The Golden Dawn is a far-right extremist group linked to violent attacks against immigrants. (Story continues after video.)

The assaults took place before a new round of elections June 17. SYRIZA and other left parties are favored to win.

In last month's elections, voters, angry over more than two years of austerity measures and the misery resulting from them, punished the two ruling parties associated with those measures, New Democracy and PASOK. The anti-bank bailout left-wing SYRIZA (Radical Coalition of the Left) won a large number of seats, but all parties failed to form a coalition government.

A reflection of Greek voters' anger and the inherent danger of the economic situation for the people, fascist Golden Dawn won seats in parliament in that election for the first time.

Greece was under Nazi occupation and fascist rule in the 1930s and 40s, and a military junta from 1967-1974. Golden Dawn associates itself with those rulers.

Greek journalist Joanna Kakissis, for National Public Radio, reported:

"Kasidiaris snapped. He threw a glass of water in Dourou's face. And then - to the horror of the host who kept screaming no, no, no - he stood up and hit Kanelli in the face three times. Nick Malkoutzis, an editor at the Greek newspaper Kathimerini, says Greeks are horrified at the act.

"Malkoutzis said, 'Greece is still a very sort of traditional male-dominated society, and punching a woman is completely unacceptable to most people, let alone if you're doing it on live TV.'

"Kanelli told reporters later that the attack shamed the entire country:

"It happened to be my face, she said, but there are many faces that get hit by these people - faces of weak and scared victims that we never see.

"Political science professor Kostas Ifantis says he hopes voters now see Golden Dawn for who they really are.

"'These people are not just pro-violence. It's the definition of political violence. The hope is that at least some of those 440,000 people who voted for them will realize what their choice was,' he said.

"Golden Dawn leader Nikolas Michaloliakos blamed the two women for provoking his party's spokesman into losing his temper, Kakissis said in Athens."

On a historical note, U.S. Senator Charles Sumner, an abolitionist, was severely beaten on the Senate floor by a pro-slavery representative. Sumner nearly died from the inflicted wounds. The near-fatal beating came two days after Sumner's indictment of slavery speech, "Crime Against Kansas."



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  • Excellent article. I think the greek people will realize the nature of the far-right threat and reject their politics of assault on rollback. Very informative. Thanks.

    Posted by Helen Bell, 06/15/2012 9:04am (3 years ago)

  • thanks! this is a very helpful article, explainging the current situation, who the parties are, some historical background.
    "Golden Dawn leader Nikolas Michaloliakos blamed the two women for provoking his party's spokesman into losing his temper," the same excuse from women-beaters everywhere.
    but the political implications are most disturbing, the ultra-right fascist parties and formations are not going to hold back, going to require the actions of millions to reign them in.

    Posted by Barbara R., 06/09/2012 12:06pm (3 years ago)

  • Thank you for this, and also for the apt comparison with the walloping of Senator Sumner by the pro-slavery goon on the eve of the US Civil War.
    This is not "new" fascism or "fascism lite". It is the face of the degenerate movement which led to the Second World War and the murder of millions, including thousands in Greece under the Nazi occupation.
    I don't buy that Kasidiaris "snapped". If you read the history of previous fascist movements, you will see that moving the political discourse in the direction of violence is part of their strategy of destabilization and insecurity. And some of their hard-core followers were probably delighted by this action.

    Posted by Emile Schepers, 06/08/2012 10:42pm (3 years ago)

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