Interfaith coalition tells Congress: Put job creation first


Faith Advocates for Jobs, a new national interfaith coalition, is challenging Congress to put job creation at the top of its agenda. In a statement released yesterday, the group, comprised of Muslim, Christian and Jewish organizations, insisted, "The U.S. budget is a moral document," and called on Congress "to protect poor people from bearing the brunt of budget cuts."

Decrying the continuing suffering of millions in the current economic crisis, the coalition argued, "Job creation on the local level, facilitated through assistance from the federal government, can help communities build stronger infrastructure, improve schools and rejuvenate their local economies." It demanded that such job creation take precedence over deficit reduction, maintaining that the best way out of the current crisis lies through putting people back to work, thus reducing the deficit through a vibrant economy for all. The coalition also called for spending cuts that include the military budget.

The coalition's work is not limited to issuing statements. Its primary goal is mobilizing congregations to fight for its moral budget priorities. It has produced a congregational toolkit aimed at connecting congregations with working peoples' struggles for a budget that works for them. The toolkit is available online. The coalition is also calling for e-mails to members of Congress advocating action on just budget priorities for working people.

Faith Advocates for Jobs was initiated by Interfaith Worker Justice, an organization that has been working since 1996 to build ties between religious communities and the labor movement.

Graphic: The Faith Advocates for Jobs logo.

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  • Amen to that Rev. Jones! Even here in the red/Tea Party state of Tennessee we have Interfaith Worker Justice chapters. The one here in Memphis is the Worker's Interfaith Network.

    Posted by Rev. Paul White, 06/20/2011 5:26pm (5 years ago)

  • It is encouraging to see the faith based community come to rescue of the working class. Despite corporate greed among the wealthy class many Christians , Muslims and Jews have decided to become the Good Samaritans to the working class.

    Posted by Rev. Irving C. Jones, 06/18/2011 10:30pm (5 years ago)

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