Introducing Shades of Green


There’s an old saying that “there is nothing new under the sun,” meaning the essence of life — matter — can be neither created nor destroyed. It just changes form.

While comics and the ecological awareness are nothing new, the form of bringing the two together certainly is.

Brad Gilchrist and Peter Menice do just that with their new comic strip “The Green House” (daily) and “Shades of Green” (weekly). You will meet Pam and Todd Green who “live humble lives.” Pam is a special education (and yoga) teacher, a vegetarian, and a gardener who seeks a “sustainable living.” Todd is a cartoonist (perhaps a conglomeration of Peter and Brad?) who “seeks to change the world” or a part of it through his art.

Then there are a few animal friends along the way, including a praying mantis, a worm, and my personal favorite — Link the Rat — “a Bush-bashing blogger.” (OK, I’m not thrilled he’s a rat, but hey, a rat was a hero/gourmet chef in Pixar’s “Ratatouille.”)

Gilchrist writes the comic strip “Nancy” and wrote “The Muppets Comic Strip” for Jim Henson. Menice is an illustrator, caricaturist and editorial cartoonist whose work has been featured in a number of publications.

The People’s Weekly World is proud to be part of publishing this new effort to make environmental and social consciousness understandable and fun.