Black church fights hateful KKK store

After a legal battle between an African church and a KKK store, a judge ruled that the church is the owner of the building where racist merchandise is sold.

Fracking cited as cause of Youngstown, Ohio, earthquake

An earthquake measuring 4.0 on the Richter scale hit Youngstown, Ohio.


Ice inside, heat on the street at Philly stadium

Several hundred members of Unite Here marched, chanted slogans and rallied in support of the food service workers, without a new contract for months.


Dead birds and fish provoke concerns

Thousands of dead herring washed ashore in northern Norway.


Bank pays biggest settlement ever in mortgage rip-off

The Bank of America, just before Christmas, agreed to pay a $335 million settlement on behalf of its Countrywide financial unit for steering Black and Latino homeowners toward sub-prime loans.


Mitt Romney layoff victim speaks out

"I really feel he didn't care about the workers. It was all about profit before people," said Randy Johnson who worked in Marion, Indiana at American Pad and Paper Co. in the 1990's.


Obama administration puts a stopper on mercury pollution

In a historic development, the Obama administration has set national health standards for mercury and other toxic air pollution, a measure that will save lives and create jobs in pollution control technology.

GOP caves, Congress passes jobless benefits extension

Congress finally passed a two-month extension of long-term unemployment benefits and a Social Security payroll tax cut for workers.

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